CIAD Counselors support and provide all students who want to improve their academic  success. All of the CICO's meet with students throughout the academic year and meet with their families when needed.

In which cases can the CIAD Counselors (CICO's) help?
✓    If you are not able to study because you don’t feel good physically or emotionally.
✓    If you fail in your classes because you don’t go to lectures regularly and meet the deadlines of your projects.
✓    If you keep repeating some of the classes and you feel like there is no way that you can pass them.
✓    If you just cannot pay attention in class even if you try so hard.
✓    If you cannot study alone or you fail in group projects.
✓    If you have difficulties in concentrating in class or suffer from attention deficit.
✓    If you have test anxiety or making a presentation in front of a group is your worst nightmare.
✓    If you cannot motivate yourself when you have to study.
✓    If you need support in managing your time and priorities effectively.
✓    If you think that you fail in college because you haven’t got adjusted to college life yet.
✓    If your issues with your friends and family get in the way of your academic success.
✓    If your housing condition (dorms, sharing room with a friend, or living with family) prevents you from studying.

CIAD Counselors would be very happy to help if any of these problems listed above keeps you away from your academic goals and makes you fail in college.
Additionally, each academic term, students who may need the support of CICO are identified and invited via e-mails based on selected criteria. In case of need, students are referred to Individual Counseling Services (ICS), the Academic Support Program (ASP), Student Resources, the International Relations Office, the Summer School Office, the Dormitory Office or the Advisory System. The CIAD Counselors  meet students regularly, track their academic progress and provide psychosocial support. CICO's follow up with students about their academic and personal well-being until their graduation.