1.    How can CICO help me?

CICO can help you improve your academic performance, clarify your career plans, promote personal improvement, develop personal and academic goals, and help you achieve them throughout the entire academic year.

2.    How can I make an appointment to see a CICO?
At the beginning of each academic term, CICO sends an e-mail that introduces the program and invite students; you can click the link on the e- mail to make an appointment.

3.    What should I do if I am not invited by CICO?
There are three ways to make an appointment from CICO. You may go to your MySU profile and click the 'CICO appointment' button under the MyInfo page. You can also use the 'CICO appointment’ button under our web page or simply click here to make an appointment.

4.    How often do I have to come?
CICO's collaborate with students on how to plan their visits. If you cannot make it to your appointment for any reason (studying for an exam, getting sick), make sure that you cancel it via the appointment service. After cancellation, you are expected to send an e-mail that briefly indicates the reason for the cancellation.

5.    Can you help me choose my classes for this semester?
Both yes and no. Firstly, you are expected to check your required classes on the webpage of your academic program. If you are not sure about which classes to take, then you should contact with your academic advisor.  If you know what classes you have to take for your academic program, but you still have no idea about which classes to take this semester, make an appointment with one of the CICO's. 
Requirements for each academic program may vary depending on your beginning year. Outdated or unofficial information about critical issues such as adding/dropping classes may hinder your academic progress. Thus, please make sure that you have access to the updated and valid information by using listed resources on the university’s website.