1.    You can read ‘Undergraduate Education Regulations’ to find answers to many of your questions throughout your education. 

2.    Keep your contact information updated. 

    ✓    Current address
    ✓    Mobile phone and home phone
    ✓    E-mail
    ✓    Family contacts

3.    If you need to update your personal information, please contact Student Resources.
4.    You should check your school e-mails every day. It is the best way to keep yourself up-to-date.
5.    If you need tutoring for courses including MATH 101, MATH 102, NS 101, NS 102, SPS 101, and SPS 102, you can contact the Academic Support Program and request an appointment.
6.    It is much better to attend the sessions arranged from CICO throughout the semester rather than only once or just before your exams.
7.    If you want to get the most helpful information on how to select classes and find out more about your academic progress, make an appointment with your academic advisor.
8.    Please make sure that you make an appointment via the online appointment system before coming to CICO.