Academic Communication Leader
Graduate Writing Courses
Graduate Writing/Advising Workshops
Research Article/Paper for Publication
Proposal/Abstract Writing
Presentation Skills
Academic Advising
Graduate School Applications
Career Advising
Job/Internship Applications
Academic Support
Research, Development and Delivery of Critical Thinking for the Social Sciences (CTSS)
Planning, Coordinating and Delivery of Graduate Student Professional Development
Development and Coordination of Student Evaluation of Instruction
Support for Teaching Development activities for Faculty Members
Rep. and Acad. Support Prog. Asst. Spc.
BAGEM Administrative Affairs Specialist

- Execution of the operation for Student Evaluation of Instruction, Middle of the Term TA Evaluation, Student Workload Evaluation
and other students surveys
- Manage CIAD online databases and reports; conduct data collection and data modelling.
- Coordinate event management of GR courses and other workshops
- Run Advisor / Mentor appointments
- Coordinate Academic Communication TA's and Peer Writing Fellows, match requests with a tutor and follow up the correspondence.