Graduate Program

The Graduate Program facilitates the acquisition of effective research principles, their sound expression in scholarly discourse, and mastery of the specific conventions related to a graduate student’s particular discipline or program. Such discourse includes but is not limited to research/course papers and assignments, theses and dissertations, journal articles for publication, academic correspondence as well as conference and classroom presentations. In short, for any communicative activity students may face in their professional lives, the Graduate Program seeks to offer assistance.


With this aim in mind, a twofold approach, group workshops and individual tutorials, has been designed. The broader concerns of scholarly conventions are set forth in workshops. Individual needs which arise in the process of composing and refining a paper are met through tutorials.



Faculty and Academic Communication work closely in creating a support service particular to the needs of a specific course. Academic Communication instructors work with students on specific assignments according to faculty criteria. A strong portfolio of writings that has been subjected to the processes of drafting, revision, and consultation should emerge at the end of the collaboration as well as potential dissertation topics and future ideas for publications in the researcher’s field.


II. WORKSHOPS (By Faculty Request)

Scientific Reports (FENS)
If "…in science the credit goes to the man who convinces the world, not to the man to whom the idea span4 occurs"[Darwin], then accurate and precise prose is one of the most important means for the scientist to communicate truth to our world. 
This workshop concentrates on format, style, and language in writing scientific reports.
Project Reports (FMAN CAP)
Understanding the purpose of a report and audience is half the battle; this workshop helps graduate students by explaining the appropriate conventions and formalities in report writing.
Poster Writing (All)
Findings and audience often dictate the material design of a poster. Creating a poster that conscisely depicts findings is the goal of this workshop.
Thesis/Dissertation Format (All)
Dissecting a thesis/dissertation facilitates its production. Because criteria and style vary by field, this workshop offers broad guidelines for the process of locating and organizing one’s research and writing within a specific field. Samples of APA, MLA, or Chicago are provided.
Presentation Skills (All)
Video-taping enables candidates to self-diagnose and practice effective oral strategies and written presentation notes.
*Boot Camp
For Spring 2012 submission, Academic Communication offers Boot Camp meetings to encourage timely completion of the work.
Others Workshop Topics: Reaction/Response 
Papers, Presentation Slide Editing, Writing Literature Reviews, Citation Principles, and Editing for Revision, Sample Paper Submission (Doctoral Application), Papers for Publication



Individual Course papers, Thesis, and Dissertation
Academic Communication support takes many forms: from creating a calendar schedule to divide the writing project into feasible chunks, to articulating strategies involved in the writing process-- how to narrow the topic proposal or write a review of the literature, for example.
Chapter Editing 
For writers close to submission dates, Academic Communication provides close editing of a single chapter.Writers receive an individualized editing guide, highlighting areas of improvement in language, format, and citation conventions.
Grant and Proposal Writing
Obtaining funding for research often rests upon the success of a grant proposal, a written argument for the need and desirability of the research. The benefits of learning to write grants early in one’s academic career are many: students with funding can choose their own dissertation topics, have already done considerable work on the dissertation, and generally finish faster than those who have no support.



The Handbook for the Preparation of SU Graduate Theses and Dissertations  puts  forth the formatting conventions authorized by SU for the presentation, defense, and depositing of thesis and dissertations.
The Manual for the Preparation of Project Reports/The  Faculty of Management assists MBA students in writing up business research by offering formatting conventions of report writing for the academia and the business sector.