Diploma Program Advising

Academic Advising


After major declaration, the students are assigned with faculty members from their programs. The intent of this collaboration is to assist the student in developing meaningful educational goals that are consistent with personal interests, values and abilities.

Who are Academic Advisors: Faculty members from each program serve as academic advisors.The advisee assignments are regulated by CIAD. Several criteria are taken into consideration during assignments like advisee load of the faculty members, the number of students in each program, etc.

Responsibilities of Academic Advisors:

  • Meet at least twice each semester with advisees to discuss how the semester is going.
  • Meet during the week of course registrations with advisees to plan for the coming semester, especially the ones who are having trouble in their academic studies.
  • Clarify program requirements, policies and procedures
  • Provide academic assistance and individualized attention to promote each student's success
  • Share knowledge, experience and insight that is beneficial to the student
  • Providing educational guidance and assistance for students by planning schedules,recommending courses and determining appropriate education solutions
  • To help student to evaluate and realize educational and career options
  • Helps the student utilize the extensive network of academic support services available on campus, and empowers the student to realize the full undergraduate experience

Diploma Area Advising


"Diploma Area Advisors" are prepared to share information about their degree programs, and if necessary, direct a student to the right person or source for more information. Students generally apply to Diploma Area Advisors about their questions regarding the program before they declare their major or about courses of the program especially during their sophomore year before major declaration.

Who are Diploma Area Advisors?

One Faculty member from each program assigned by Faculties serve as Diploma Area Advisors.