FDY/FDP Advising

Foundation Development Year (FDY) Advising / Tutorials


Providing students with an individual opportunity to discuss and explore academic needs and providing a space where learners can openly and confidentially discuss their adaptation to university life as well as their personal and social needs. Tutors guide their tutees towards finding individualized solutions to the issues they might have.

Who are FDY Advisors / Tutors? Instructors from the School of Languages who help their tutees adapt to the university during their Foundation Development Year.

Expectations from FDY Tutors:

  • Provide academic assistance in terms of monitoring progress, formative feedback throughout the term
  • Provide academic writing assistance through the use of Learner Portfolios and Long Writing Assignments
  • Provide assistance in the development of oral language skills through speaking tasks in Learner Portfolios
  • Aid learners in setting realistic goals for study and providing a place for learners to develop skills of self-reflection by analysing their own strengths and areas to work on in learning English
  • Aid learners to find learner driven solutions to academic and non-academic problems
  • Provide assistance to new students during adaptation to university life and campus
  • Provide assistance to students in benefiting from active participation in academic, social, cultural, and sports events
  • Provide assistance to students in adapting to the University's ethical values and campus culture
  • Contribute to the building of a “sense of belonging” to Sabancı University
  • Inform students about various services and support programs offered by the University
  • Refer learners to support services where appropriate
  • Monitor learner’s attendance and performance and intervene when necessary