The FDY Student Counseling aims to help the individual, social and academic development of the School of Languages students. It was established to make student’s adaptation easier and provide psychological support during the first year of university and dorm life. Accordingly, student counseling services are carried out within the framework of ethics and confidentiality principles. 

Individual sessions provide an opportunity for you to be listened to without judgement regarding issues that are important to you and can give you a different perspective on your problems. They can help you to identify learned patterns of thinking and behavior which can contribute to the continuation of problems.

Counseling sessions will help you to determine your problems, understand their effects, as well as develop awareness and new cognitive, behavioral and coping strategies. You may also gain information regarding the identification of your goals, expectations and hopes, and how to develop new behavioral patterns. You may also be referred to other professionals as needed.

Working hours: Monday thru Friday 12:00-17:00
Office: School of Languages, top floor, #1033