Applications to the FDY Student Counseling are strictly confidential. 

All information given by clients during counseling sessions is also 

confidential and not shared with third parties. Unless there is the

possibility of a life threatening situation to the client or another, details 

of sessions are not given to teachers, administration offices or any other 

staff. If there is the likelihood of harm and, consequently, a perceived 

benefit to sharing information, only the relevant portion may shared with

other parties. In such a case, the client is always informed beforehand. 



All referrals are made within confidentiality guidelines.

• The FDY Student Counseling can refer individuals to other resources within the university if deemed necessary and beneficial.  

• The individual may be referred to a psychiatric, medical or psychotherapy facility outside of the university if it is decided that it will be more beneficial for him/her. 

• In the case of an emergency, individuals can be referred to the health center or a hospital outside the University.