1. Who can apply to the FDY Student Counseling?

All FDY students and SL staff can apply regarding any individual problems and questions related to emotional issues, personality characteristics, relationship or academic issues.

2. Why is psychological counseling needed?

Psychological counseling can be beneficial in gaining awareness regarding  emotional and/or behavioral problems which have been experienced repeatedly. It can also help to foster new thinking and behavioral skills, to gain a new perspective about problems, and to develop better coping skills. 

3. When do we need psychological counseling?

It is best to apply for counseling before your problems get worse, so you may learn about preventive strategies. Taking a step for psychological counseling before your problems become chronic, can enable the overcoming of your problems easier.

4. Does everything discussed remain confidential? 

Your personal information and the content of your counseling and psychoterapy sessions cannot be shared with anybody else without your consent. The only exception is if your life or someone else’s is under risk or in danger. With the aim of your protection, this information can be shared with your family but, in such a case,  you will be informed about this beforehand.

5. How long does individual counseling last?

The clinician and student mutually determine the length of counseling. Based on individual needs, counseling sessions can be regularly scheduled once a week or they can be scheduled for just one or two times. Sessions can continue until issues are solved and/or the student no longer feels a need for them.

6. How and when are appointments postponed or canceled?

You should inform your counselor a day before your appointment so your time may be allocated to another individual who is waiting for an appointment.  

7. What happens if someone doesn’t show up for their appoinment?

If a person does not come his/her regularly scheduled appoinment without prior notice for two weeks in a row, it will be assumed that they do not want to continue counselling and his/her file will be closed. In order to resume sessions, they will need to re-apply.

8. Is there a charge for counseling services?

All counseling services are free of charge.