About US

CIAD provides an integrative environment where several student support services work in collaboration with each other and with other related units of the university. 
The transition from high school to university life is in itself a challenging process. Unlike high school, university students are able and indeed called on to decide on many aspects of their education themselves, such as which classes to take and which program to major in. To ensure success throughout their university years, students are expected to develop various academic and individual skills. CIAD helps students acquire these important academic and individual skills, thereby facilitating students’ adaptation to the university experience.  CIAD’s mission is to encourage students to strengthen the skills, strategies and behaviors required to participate in society as self-reliant, independent individuals, who are always open to learning.

The interdisciplinary design of the academic programs offered by Sabanci University, as well as the opportunity to declare a major after the first two years, enables students to make an informed decision regarding their area of study. Throughout this process, CIAD helps students discover their area of interest and make the right decision about their major.

Diploma Area Advisors work with students who have already declared their majors, assisting them in aligning their academic development with their professional goals.

The CIAD Counseling Program provides counseling and support for the students of Sabanci University who face situations that hamper their academic success.

Academic Communication develops Sabancı University students’ academic English and critical thinking as well as facilitates their academic and professional development through courses and other activities.

Student with Special Needs Support Services coordinates all accommodations related to ensuring that students with disabilities have access to all of the services and opportunities provided by the university.

In addition to these support services, Course Evaluation Surveys are conducted at the end of each term in order to enhance learning effectiveness, as well as improve education and training quality by providing course instructors with feedback from their students.