Application and Appointment Guidelines

Who can apply?
Foundation Development Year, undergraduate and graduate students, can benefit from the services provided by the Psychotherapy and Psychological Services Unit.

Where do I apply?

You can send an e-mail to our address:
Applications sent to the e-mail address above will only be evaluated by clinical psychologists.
Applications are kept absolutely confidential.

Procedure for Making Appointments

  • Individuals must specify available dates and hours for the appointment. Applications are responded to within the same week.
  • First appointment is arranged with the first available clinical psychologist. Appointments continue with that clinical psychologist under regular circumstances.
  • Whether the person can receive support from the center, what kind of approach will be more beneficial, the day and time for appointments, and appointment intervals are decided on the first appointment. After mutual evaluation, referral to another specialist or to a different procedure of observation/support might be made if necessary.
  • Applications made directly to the clinical psychologist are not given priority. All applications are referred to the main mailing list.
  • If the applicant prefers to work with a particular clinical psychologist, s/he must indicate it in the first appointment. This preference is evaluated with the clinical psychologist who conducts the first appointment.
  • Appointments last 45 minutes and are generally scheduled once per week. The appointment length and frequency can be rearranged during the process according to case and need.
  • People who cannot make it to the appointment need to notify their psychologist of their situation beforehand.
  • People who miss their appointments twice in a row lose their appointment day and time. They need to reapply to get a new appointment.
  • Additional time outside of the scheduled appointment time cannot be requested.
  • If the person is late for the appointment, the appointment will take place in the remaining time. The appointment is automatically cancelled if the person is late for over half an hour. Additional time may not be requested. In delays caused by the psychologist, the delay will be compensated for according to the reasons for delay.