Depending upon the particular issue at hand and in complete agreement with the student, Psychotherapy and Psychological Services may engage in following referrals.

Referrals to other Sabanci resources

Clinical psychologists may collaborate with other services and facilities offered by Sabanci University to take a better care of the subject matter.

ReReferrals for long-term therapy, specialized therapy, and medication.

Clinical psychologists may also refer students to the resources outside the university (such as psychiatric, other medical, or social services).

Referrals for emergency and inpatient mental health services.

If and when the situation calls for, clinical psychologists may refer students for emergency interventions and/or extensive mental health care.

Referrals from other Sabanci resources

All Sabanci units (academic and administrative) may collaborate with Psychotherapy and Psychological Services to provide assistance to students. Psychotherapy and Psychological Services welcomes collaboration of friends, family members, faculty staff, or administrators who are concerned about a student in distress in some way.

Confidentiality is strictly maintained in all conditions of referral.