How Can I Study More Effectively

Studying is inevitable for students. So, why not make this process more effective? 

Below are some recommendations: 

1.    Find a place that is specifically used for studying. Is there a place you call “my own” where you can study? Try to remember what sort of a situation (with music, TV on, quiet), what hours (morning, evening, night etc.), with whom (alone, with friends, in group study) you were in when you worked effectively and try to recreate that environment. 

2.    Write down the date by which you predict to be done with your homework. Write down your goals somewhere. Try not to increase your speed by too much. 

3.    If you start to lose your concentration, get up and walk away from your book. Do not sit staring at your book, thinking about how unwilling you are to study. Do not leave the room, but face away from your workplace and daydream. 

4.    Determine a time slot in which to study. If you do an activity at certain times every day, it becomes a habit.

5.    Do not start unfinished business right before you study. 

6.    Determine short study breaks for yourself. Divide the subjects and homework into subsections. For example, determine when you will finish the first half of your homework or subjects of study. 

7.    Since grieving over things you needed to do and forgot will interrupt your studying, keep a notebook of reminders. 

8.    Try to relax fully before starting studying. 

If you are not interested in the subject...

·    Try to tie it in with your own interests. 

·    Reward yourself as you reach your goals. 

If you lack rudimentary knowledge...

·    Read introductory material into the subject matter. 

·    Seek help from your friends, ADP’s, or teaching assistants. 

If you have trouble starting...

·    If not you, who? If not now, when?

·    Determine absolute times to start and to end studying.

If you get sleepy or distracted... 

·    Air out the room.

·    Take a break.

·    Jot down your thoughts somewhere, you will return to them later.