Hosts to International Students Program [SUHISP]


Hosts to International Students Program

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Frequently Asked Questions for Hosts

Will a student live with me in my home?
The Hosts to International Students Program (SUHISP) is a friendship program, not a homestay program. Students in the program have their own housing.
What are a host’s responsibilities?
You will be a supportive friend by inviting your student to a meal in your home or at a restaurant, to visit a museum, to attend an event with you, or just to go for a walk.
Who can be a host?
Faculty, staff, administration, and alumni are all welcome. Single people, couples, single parents, and other families of all sizes are hosts in the program.
How are hosts matched with students?
Matches are made based on the sign-up forms on this website and are made on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be asked if you have any preferences about your student, but we cannot guarantee they will be met. We try to match students and hosts with common interests based on the information provided in the questionnaires, but we ask that you keep an open mind about who you are matched with. As a host, you will receive information about your student during the summer and be asked to contact him or her via email. 
When do the students arrive on campus?
Most students arrive in the first week of September.
How much time will I be expected to spend?
It is all up to you.
Do I make a commitment for a specific length of time?
The commitment is for the student's first year at SU, but it is our hope that you will continue to stay in contact with each other. Basically all that is required is your time and interest in your student.
What do students do during vacations?
Students go home, travel, or stay in their own on- or off-campus accommodations. If you would like to invite your student to spend all or part of a holiday with you, you may, but this is not an expectation or requirement of the program.
What if a match does not work?
We try to make matches that satisfy both the host and the student. If a match does not work, we ask the student and the host to contact the program coordinator so that a new connection may be made.
Where do I sign up?
Host applications are available online. For more information, contact Pelin Atasoy (, the SUHISP Coordinator.


1- After your student receives your name and email over the summer, she or he will email you. Please make sure you are in contact before the semester begins.
2- The commitment is for the student's first year at SU, but it is our hope that you will continue to stay in contact with each other. Basically, all that is required is your time and interest in your student.
3- In order to get the most out of the experience, participants are advised to invite one another to get together at least twice per semester. As students become busy with their studies and other activities, you may need to be pro-active in initiating getting together. Enjoy getting to know your student!
4- Events do not have to be elaborate or costly. They can be as simple as:

* Having breakfast or drinking coffee at your kitchen table
* Going to the supermarket
* Watching a sports event
* Celebrating a birthday
* Going to movies, concerts or performances
* Going  trekking
* Exploring different neighborhoods, towns, etc.
* Your most important contribution is to express care, whether it is spending time together or calling just to say "hi".

As hosts, please remember that you are volunteers. Although you may generously decide to do so, you are not expected to provide housing for your student, pick your student up at the airport, drive them around, or invite them home for the holidays. In addition, the program is not meant to be an advising service. Note that you are not expected to function as academic advisors or counselors. If your students have questions that you cannot answer, please refer them to the IRO at