Center for Individual and Academic Development's (CIAD) mission is to support the academic and individual development of our students and allow them to reach their goals by providing them access to the University facilities. In line with Sabancı University's mission, CIAD aims to create an inclusive, friendly, and supportive environment that embraces diversity.

Each student's academic path is different and unique. We are here to help you make the best of your academic skills, search and explore new opportunities that will carry you one step further, and reach your goals as you make your way. CIAD, in harmony with all other units of the University, is ready to help and guide you so that you can use the resources ideally and overcome the obstacles that may come your way.

CIAD provides consultancy services to support undergraduate students' academic and individual development. We invite our students to CIAD regardless of the size of their questions. 

Our team is dedicated to answering all your academic questions: from choosing a program to getting better in your chosen field. CIAD is waiting for you to help you in all matters related to your personal well-being and other issues that come to your mind, from maintaining the balance between school and social life to your motivation.