Major Fest

A recent report by the European Commission argues that “the congruence between expectations about the study program, the capabilities of the student, and the realities and requirements of the study program has a crucial impact on study success and dropout.”

At Sabancı University, we provide our students the freedom to choose their own subjects in their second year. Good decisions can only be made with more information about the expectations and requirements of the program and students' capabilities, as stated in the report. Our advising system helps students know themselves and the subject(s) they are planning to study.

To enhance our students’ knowledge and familiarity with their prospective programs, we organize a Major Fest every semester.

Major Fest is an event designed to help SU undergraduate students in their major and minor exploration journey. The event is held during the spring term and encompasses various activities such as program presentations, alumni panels, and career-related seminars. At Major Fest, students have the opportunity to meet with faculty members, alumni, and senior students from all undergraduate programs.

All SU undergraduate students who have not yet made their program declarations are strongly encouraged to attend this event.

For more information on choosing your major, visit our Explore Majors website.