Dear Students,

We are facing some difficult times that we have not had before. Even though we cannot meet you on campus you can always reach us online through this period. Here are some important tips that we like to share with you: 

1.      It is important to follow dates on academic calendar.

·         Your advisor could be helpful when making decisions. Do not wait until your questions become issues. You can reach us through e-mails written below. 

2.    At times of uncertainty, planning your time may seem more difficult. To make time planning easier and to prevent procrastination you may use some advice:

·         First plan tasks that you already know the schedule (online courses, etc.)

·         Divide each tasks into smaller ones.

·         Prioritize tasks and set starting and ending date/hour of each one.

·         It may be difficult to plan next week or even next day. Make short-term plans and be flexible.

·         It is very likely that you may not follow your plans strictly. Revise your plans whenever necessary.

·         Reward yourselves. Some tasks may seem more difficult when you have to do them. Small rewards will keep your motivation high.

·         Spread short entertaining time slots between tasks (online chats with your friends, an episode of your favorite show, etc.)

·         Use reminders. 

Until we meet on campus again, you can reach us through our e-mails or using Skype. For Skype interviews please send us a mail to set a date and time.

Hoping to see you soon, stay healthy and well.

CIAD Counselor Team