CIAD Councelors (BADA Team)

CIAD Counselors (BADA team), is a part of the Advisory System which includes Mentors, Program Advisors and Academic Advisors in Sabancı University. All the support in scope of the advisory system is provided on a voluntary basis.


  • A CIAD Counselor provides support for a SU student in various areas including adaptation to college life and adulthood, choosing a diploma program and other related areas.
  • Counselors in this team assist and accompany students in their decision making processes. During this process, they carry out activities that support students in reaching their own resources and raising their self-awareness in decision making.

Academic Success Monitoring and Counseling

  • CIAD Counselors monitor students’ academic performance and provide support in areas of need.
  • The scope of their support starts from a student’s first year and follows them through their undergraduate studies all the way until graduation. In their sessions, they define possible explanations for academic struggles with the student and use personally tailored intervention techniques.

Individual and Group Sessions

  • CIAD counselors can hold individual and group sessions with students.


  • CIAD counselors can refer a student to other units, psychotherapy and psychiatric services, faculty offices, diploma and academic advisors should there be a need.
  • CIAD counseling sessions are not psychotherapy sessionsIf a student with a need of psychological or psychiatric support is defined in an individual or group session, the student is referred to the Health Center for this support.
  • We do not calculate GPA, define program requirements and credits or carry out other technical actions on the SU system (adding/dropping courses, course substitution, withdrawal etc.) Students with needs in these areas are referred to the Student Resources unit, since they have all the updated and valid information regarding these areas.
  • In a CIAD counseling session, we do not give advice about which courses to take or advice regarding details of a program. When faced with these questions, students are referred to Diploma area advisors or Academic advisors.
  • In cases where a student needs to take personal action, such as writing a petition to the faculty or academic council, they are referred to the faculty administrative offices.
  •  Critical and special conditions such as sexual harassment, domestic violence or disciplinary actions are outside the scope of counselling sessions. Students in such cases are referred to faculty offices and related committees.
  • If a case where a student with suicidal thoughts or attempt, thoughts about harming others is encountered, following the Crisis Intervention Protocol, they are immediately to be referred to Health Center.