First Year Experience of Students and Parents

Your child is not only trying to adapt to university life (that is, by itself, a challenge), he/she is also learning how to be an “adult.”

You may worry about how your child can cope with this new independent life. You may have worries about his/her health and safety. We know most parents use the following phrases:

  • > “My son's decisions are hurting me.” 
  • > “As a mother, I don’t know my role anymore.” 
  • > “Could he/she find a job? What kinda job?” 
  • > “Whenever I try to provide advice to my daughter, she rebuffs me.” 
  • > “Where did I go wrong?” 

All these feelings are okay. It is very crucial to avoid these anxieties for your kid to stand on his/her feet. 

What could your child experience in this period?

University life provides the following opportunities for your child:

  • > Intellectual development, 
  • > To be independent, 
  • > To realize his/her self, 
  • > Active participation in social life and 
  • > Career choice and development.

While gaining new perspectives, your child has also to take more responsibilities. 

Throughout this process, each student will have his/her own difficulties. We observe students face the following challenges, particularly, at the beginning of university life:

  • > Adjustment to university life and life at the dorms, 
  • > Adjustment to new academic system,
  • > Finding new friends and communication with others,
  • > Longing for home and family,
  • > Time management, 
  • > Budget management, 
  • > Self-care.

Increased independence – it’s true that many students enjoy making decisions on their own and being independent from their family – comes with not-so-easy and unaccustomed responsibilities (such as when and what to study, when to go to bed, when to have fun, etc.) Some young adults have difficulties accepting and complying with these responsibilities. 

It is also important to note that expectations about academic success make it even harder. Dealing with many courses, assignments, and exams may not be too easy for most. Managing time, and finding a working balance between coursework and social life could be challenging.

Facing these challenges, your child may need your help more than ever (most likely that they will not tell you this directly!) What could you and what should you avoid? Please check our previous page for suggestions based on scientific research.