Student with Special Needs Support Unit (SSN)

Student with Special Needs Support Unit (SSN)

The aim of Sabancı University Student with Special Needs Support Unit is to determine the steps to ensure that students with special needs have equal access to the services and facilities offered by the university.

This unit works in cooperation with all other units, particularly the Center for Individual and Academic Development (CIAD). In order to enable all students to benefit from Sabancı University campus equally and to act freely, they contact the relevant units and follow the regulations whenever necessary. In addition, in accordance with the rules of the Higher Education Council, it provides support to students with special needs in their academic processes and supports the determination of additional study arrangements.

The counselor in the unit provides counseling in areas where students with special needs need support during their education. If necessary, the counselor directs to the relevant units such as psychotherapy and health center.

Students may apply to the unit and request an arrangement regarding their special needs. You can download the application form by clicking the link to apply to Student with Special Needs Support Unit. After completing the form, please send it to



Phone: 0(216) 483 9481