What to Avoid?

  • We are sure that you have been through a lot, and you want to share those experiences with your child and want him/her benefit from you. But remember, this is a new era. Try to appreciate the difference between your time and experiences and his/her time and experiences.
  • It is very common for parents to realize their own dreams in their children. Avoid it as much as possible. Your child is a different individual. Respect their dreams.
  • Do not tell them which diploma provides them a better and easy job opportunities. If they study what they like and interested in, they will have a better chance to find “the best job”. 
  • You may want to share your experiences with your child and provide clues for their success. Do not advise them unless they ask for it. Remember, their own experiences are far better than many advise.
  • If you have to give advice, choose your vocabulary carefully. Say, rather than saying “you should do …”, try “have you considered to do …” this may help them to realize that you are not criticizing them, but trying to help them.