What Can CIAD Do for You?

  • CIAD provides academic consulting to all Sabancı University students. These include personal advising, group activities, and seminars.
  • Our staff, may help you with how to approach to your child, how to help them and how to guide them by providing you external sources and services. 
  • Ideally, your child should make an appointment. They know better when the right time is and they are not willing to accept any support if it is not provided to their demand. Our staff can help you with how to convince your child to make an appointment. 
  • Our staff, will never share any information with other persons unless they specifically ask for it (the only exception is when our experts think that your child may hurt himself/herself or others.) Most parents like to be part of the advisory system, yet your child is now an “adult” and they have a right to “privacy.” Thus, our staff never shares information about our students with anybody, including you. If you have worries, our staff will be glad to guide you how to reach to your child.