When Should I Be Worried?

Through this process, you are likely to observe strange/unaccustomed behavior from your child. Don’t worry! Some of this behavior is temporary and part of their learning process. If you observe the following

  • > Crying very often, 
  • > Unwanted weight loss, 
  • > Frequent illnesses (remember, in a new environment getting sick is very likely; what is meant here is that this is happening too often), 
  • > Consistently being tired, 
  • > Excess concentration loss, 
  • > Looking desperate and hopeless without any cause,

then you may have a clue that something is not going right.

Note that, these are extreme cases and they are rarely observed. If you have suspicions that your child is going through a very very difficult time (as parents, we suspect a lot; be calm, wait to see if the symptoms are temporary; and if they persist, then), please contact us, we are here to help you.

There are many other things that you can do even if your kid does not observe the above symptoms.