ASP Principles

The mission of the Academic Support Program is learning and learning to learn, as well as supporting and sustaining a learning environment that is essential for a healthy academic and social climate.  The Academic Support Program's core is Active Learning Sessions. This program is uniquely designed and structured; and based on ‘active learning’, ‘critical thinking’, ‘peer support’ and sharing peer experience by putting forth good examples to facilitate student adaptation to university environment and enhance learning.

To belay concerns over our activities, we feel it pertinent to point out that the Program is not a substitute for, or an alternative to any portion of the content of existing courses offered by the University.  As such, we feel it necessary to clearly state that we offer neither compact knowledge nor tutorials, which would clearly undermine existing course aims. The main instruments of the ADP are Peer Study and Discussion Sessions held in a controlled environment. Under no circumstances, are our activities geared towards passing courses and completing assignments.

A student member of our team, Hakan Buğra Erentuğ, pledges the following in the name of all our stakeholders:

“We, as student members who are running Peer Study and Discussion Sessions, are aware of our responsibilities. In our all activities at Sabancı University, including ASP, we accept and apply the principles of Academic Integrity. To be successful in all our courses, we do not take easy way out, rather we study hard in an honest way and accept this as a solid principle. We are not teachers, nor we tutor others or do their homeworks for any monetary return. We are just ordinary volunteers, who spare their time to study and discuss course materials with those who join our Sessions.”

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