ASP Sessions

Studying with peers is an important component of learning. These sessions form the core of the Academic Support Program and also are the most effective applications of the principles that are “active learning”, “active participations” and “learning to learn.” Peer Study /Discussion Sessions are designed to allow students to feel the pleasure of learning by sharing ideas with each other and forming/developing a learning culture together.

Peer tutorials strongly encourage peer discussions.  Students share their academic knowledge and experience in a friendly atmosphere.  Peer study and discussion groups are guided by the “moderators”.  The moderators are students that is taking the same class with the attendees.  Experienced peer assistants oversee and support the sessions so the discussions and the exchange of information is in line with the learning to learn principle and enjoyable. The sessions are held in Academic Support’s small study rooms in a friendly environment.

The interdisciplinary approach of the programs at Sabancı University facilitates the development of the Active Learning Sessions. In addition, students who have different and various interests and learning habits have a big influence for the dynamics of the program.

The Peer Study/Discussion Sessions are mainly designed for first year courses, Nature and Science (NS 101/102), Differential and Integration Calculus (MATH 101/102) and Humanity and Society (SPS 101/102).

Even though we believe Academic Support Program's (ASP) core “Peer Study and Discussion Sessions” is the most efficient way to support students’ learning process, we realize that some students may feel the need to strengthen their background knowledge to excel in certain courses. ASP supports those students by offering senior sessions that help them internalize concepts, gain perpetual problem-solving skill, and enhance cognition.

Senior sessions are held in small groups and are conducted by graduate students or senior students. With close contact with instructors, we follow our students performance in each first year course. If the need arises, we invite students who are struggling in some courses are via email. If you would like to learn more about senior sessions, please contact Zeynep Özal Kurşungöz (

Some courses, particularly, MATH 101/102 and NS 101/102, involve topics that require students to:

  • recall background material from previous courses and
  • have a deeper understanding to grasp the concepts.

Academic Support Program (ASP) offers series of workshops on these topics to provide intensive study opportunities and also to improve students’ academic skills such as analytical thinking and problem-solving. They are held by senior students and graduate students working at ASP.

ASP workshops are announced on mySU and SUCourse pages of NS and MATH courses. Please follow announcements and register quickly if it is required.

The Academic Support Program (ASP) aims to create an awareness about the current local and global issues among students in particular freshman students through occasional seminars. 

The seminars provide the participants with the opportunity to learn about research conducted at Sabancı University and other reputable universities in Turkey or abroad. Additionally, they support the interdisciplinary education of the students by providing a platform in which they can directly meet faculty members from different programs from FENS, FASS, SBS and researchers at various Sabancı University research institutes, as well as faculty members or researchers from other universities and institutions.