Academic Support Program

Academic Support Program is a student-focused program, developed in line with Sabancı University’s academic goals and interdisciplinary educational approach. 

The structure and functioning of the Program are centralized around and framed by the principle of “learning to learn.” It captures the basis for various “active learning” methods using the demonstration of good examples, as well as peer moderation and coordination.

Academic Support Program designs sub-programs for students with varying interests and knowledge bases, and supports them during the period of adaptation to the university environment. This is supplemented by seminars and workshops aimed at raising student awareness of both local and global matters.

In the Program, students are encouraged to benefit fully from the university environment and facilities, as well as to acquire the required knowledge from reliable sources.  Academic Support Program encourages the formation of a learning culture constructed and perpetuated by students who respect one another and who cherish ethical values. The common denominator in all programs is that they aim to enable internalization of the culture of learning and sustain a healthy academic environment. 

Student involvement through engagement in management is emphasized. Academic Support Program strongly encourages student participation and peer solidarity. The sessions held, run parallel to the University’s Undergraduate Program, and require the input of all faculties and units, as well as the support and collaboration of faculty members.

ASP Principles

ASP Sessions

ASP Participation