Advisory System at Sabancı University

Sabancı University aims to graduate students who increase their academic knowledge, develop and improve their skills and who are self-sufficient and who are ready and volunteer to contribute to the society. Our university provides support to our students in many areas. A group of academic and professional advisors are here to be with you from the first day you arrive to our campus till you graduate.

Sabancı University students have to make a number of decisions from the first day they arrive to the campus. These could be academic (Which program should I study? How can I choose my career path? Which courses should I take?) or related to social life (How can I adjust to life in the dorms? What kind of sport activities are available on campus?) Whenever you need, all our units at Sabancı University are here to support you academically and individually.

Sabancı University Advisory System consists of

  • > Peer Mentors,
  • > CIAD Counselors,
  • > Diploma Area Advisors and
  • > Academic Advisors.

Every students is assigned to a Peer Mentor in the first day on campus. These mentors help newcomers in adjusting to university in their first years, learning about life in dormitories and other social facilities on campus.

Each student is also assigned to an expert CIAD Counselor until students choose their majors. These counselors are called “BADA” and support students to adjust to university life, to make decisions and they follow students’ academic success; they try to ensure that the first years of our students in the university are pleasant and successful.

Diploma Area Advisors are faculty members who are easily available and support our students to learn about various disciplines and career opportunities in that particular field.

Once our students choose their major, an Academic Advisor is assigned from the faculty members of that program. These advisors help students to choose courses and acquire skills that will excel them in their field and career.  Our students can find information about their Academic Advisors from MYSU.

There are other units other than Advisors to help you through your studies at Sabancı University:

  • >Student Resources helps you to learn about academic regulations and your academic progress;
  • >Major Fest provides you information about different disciplines so that you can make a more informed decision about your major;
  • >Career Office provides you the expertise you need to determine your career path;
  • > There is Academic Communication unit within CIAD that helps students writing skills;
  • > The Foundation Year Program at Sabancı University requires all students to take courses in both natural and social sciences. To help students in these courses there is Academic Support Program;
  • > There are numerous Student Clubs;
  • > We have a Health Center that provides medical support day and night;
  • > For students with Special Needs, Students with Special Needs Unit within CIAD provides support in campus life.